Ggaba Catholic Professionals


GCP was founded in 2010 as an Association that is affiliated to the Ggaba Catholic Parish Church. The idea of bringing Ggaba Catholic Professionals together was brought to birth by Counsel Peter Busiku; shared it with then the curate Fr. Ssebulo Julius and with the endorsement of our dear Parish Priest Fr. Charles Lwanga Ssengendo GCP was started and was to be under the Teaching Commission of Ggaba Parish.

A lot of mobilization was done and a good number of professionals in at Ggaba church joined.

Great thanks to the first Executive and many of the founding members who laid the stone that has supported the GCP to grow. Membership was open to all people doing something as a profession.

Membership grew from about 10 members to more than 80 at this time.

GCP describes a professional as any person who is experienced in doing something; it therefore cuts across from Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Shoe makers, Mechanics, Decorators, Events managers, etc.

GCP Guiding Principles/Values

GCP was formed on 5 key pillars or values;

  1. Spiritual growth for the members
  2. Networking amongst members and beyond
  3. Charity work with in and out of the Parish
  4. Evangelization of the Gospel of Christ
  5. Community and Personal Development