Youth Apostolate

The name KAROLINES is the national name for all the youths of Kampala Archdiocese as per the Arch Bishop of Kampala Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. KAROLINES is the English version of KAROLI a Uganda martyr who was a youth and led his friends and also encouraged into martyrdom. Karoli Lwanga was killed in Namugongo on 3rd June with several other martyrs in different locations.
After the pronouncement of the Archbishop that the name KAROLINES be used to refer to all youths within Kampala Archdiocese, Rev.Fr Julius Ssebulo who was the youth chaplain then together with the Parish priest saw it fitting that the youths with in Ggaba parish use the same name thus KAROLINES GGABA PARISH.


  • Karolines Choir
  • Karolines Football Team
  • Karolines Dance Troup
  • Karolines Disco Sound
Founded in 2009 by Rev.Fr Julius Ssebulo the chaplain at that time. The first members of the choir were all Ssabavubukas and Nnabavubukas from basic Christian community, Bisomesa and Parish. The chaplain drafted the first constitution of the Karolines choir and this same constitution has been used till date(Due amendment).The first chairperson of the choir was Mr. Mulindwa John Bosco who was also a youth leader in Kirrudu Buziga Suparish.
The choir has had different leadership from
John Bosco 2009-2012
Sserwadda Frank 2012-2012 
Peter Kagiri (Ssabavubuka) 2012-2015
Kafuluma Allan  2015-2016
Lydia Nassazi(AG) 2015-2016
Kimbowa Solomon  2016-2018  
and the Current Njuba Charles(2018).
Precisely during foundation the choir had no mass to sing thus as we could only sing mass in the first Sunday of the Month (Borrowed of one of the choirs at church), but when Fr Ssebulo was appointed as a tutor in Kisubi Minor seminary, he requested the Parish Priest Fr Ssengendo to introduce the youth mass thus the emergency of the 8:30am and now the 8:45am mass meant for all the youth and school going children sung by the Karolines choir.
The choir practices every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday after the 8:30 mass and can sing on several activities like weddings, introductions, birthday parties etc.
It’s a tendency of the Karolines to organize sports torments every year ie Fr Ssengendo Cup (Banakizito, secondary and Vocational and Sub parish) from these tournaments in 2011 Fr Denis realized that Ggaba parish was endowed with great sports men and women thus asked the then Sports Minister Nambale Robert to go to Fufa and inquire on how to register a football team and the requirements. With his pocket money we managed to register the Karl’s football team which is now in the First division of Fufa league and playing so well. This team has managed to boost serious talent with in the parish and thus has led to introduction of several teams along Kampala Ggaba road all picking a leaf from Ggaba parish youth apostolate.

Karl's football team gets new blood:



This was introduced by the then Chaplain Rev.Fr Dennis Wamala Jjemba who replaced Fr Ssebulo in 2010. And he bought the first set of Drums and members of the group were youths from within Ggaba parish.
Troupe practices every Thursday at 5:30pm and can also perform on various functions like weddings, introductions, birthday parties.
In 2011 on the Parish youth day Fr Denis introduced the idea to the invited guests among which Rev. Fr Luzindana the youth chaplain was part of and asked them  to help in fundraising for the project. Surely by the end of the event he had managed to raise enough money needed for the first set of machines and that’s how the Karolines disco sound emerged.
This project was greatly boosted in 2016 on the youth day through efforts of the youth Chaplain then Fr John Mary Kibirige by introducing up-to-date Microphones, Bass speakers and Brand new Tops and also serious improvements in the Mixtures.
With its very excellent Djs it can perform on various functions like weddings, introductions, birthday parties etc.